Multi-Spectral Camouflage

CCProtech is specialized in the design and development of Multispectral Camouflage Systems. We have an advanced Research and Development Laboratory, which enables us to develop and manufacture specialized coatings and materials that address UV, visible, near infrared, thermal infrared, and broadband radar concealment requirements of mission critical defense assets. We have over 22 years of experience in development and manufacturing of camouflage systems and coatings.

Multi-Spectral Camouflage
Multi-Spectral Camouflage



Our Products Include:

  • Multispectral camouflage Coatings with spectral reflectance properties controlled from 250 to 2500nm. Available in Desert, Woodland, and Urban colours based on customer spec and requirement.
  • Radar Absorbing Coatings, available with attenuation properties from 3dB to 7dB.
  • Mobile camouflage

Services provided:

  • Consulting and R&D contracting for developing Multispectral Camouflage nets and Mobile Camouflage Systems.
  • Characterization of the spectral reflectance properties of local terrains.