CCProtech is committed to maintaining the highest standards of product quality, manufacturing excellence, research and development, and customer service. We were founded on two principles: Produce great products with advanced formulations and provide exceptional technical support.

We are covering the world with the very best camouflage coatings used in soft tops for vehicles, buildings, shelters, and vehicle bodies. Our conductive coatings are used for anti-static, EMI shielding and grounding applications; they are used in a variety of industries, such as electronics, mining, and music. CCProtech specializes in the wood and metal finishing sectors and manufactures some of the best paint strippers and degreasers in the industry. Other products manufactured by CCProtech are high reflective energy saving coatings, top coats designed to enhance the surface properties of PVC coated fabric and concrete sealers.

Our R&D team has over 30 years experience in developing advanced products and manufacturing processes, which gives us the expertise to develop custom formulations and work with you to solve your problems.