About Us

CCProtech was originally conceptualized in 2010 and materialized in 2012 when it was established as a private Canadian Corporation. We are located just west of Toronto, in Oakville, ON.

CCProtech’s founders have over 30 years experience in the chemical industry, and over 20 years experience in formulating specialized coating systems. We also have extensive experience in developing multispectral and infrared camouflage coatings and construction of camouflage nets.

Our main focus is on infrared, camouflage, and conductive coatings. We are constantly working to enhance our existing products and develop new ones. CCProtech follows industry trends and new technology to guide us along the path of R& D and innovation.

When CCProtech was founded, we wanted to stay close to our roots of coatings and camouflage, but also wanted to be diversified across several market segments. To meet this goal, we have developed several well respected product lines in the commercial and industrial sectors, such as: paint strippers, concrete sealers, and industrial degreasers.