EMI Shielding

EC Coat is a family of conductive water borne, low VOC coatings available in surface resistivity values from 50 to 1011 ohms per square. Typically the coatings with high resistivity values are used for static dissipation, while the coatings with lower surface resistivity (higher conductivity) are used for EMI shielding or grounding. The EC Coat technology evolved from coatings that were designed to absorb and reflect radar for military applications. From that technology EC Coat was born.

EMI Coatings and Shielding


EC Coat can be applied to a wide range of sub-straights, including most synthetic textiles, wood, concrete, and some plastics.

Applications include control of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, as well as reflecting and absorbing microwave energy and radar signals.

Our main EMI Shielding Paints are as listed below:

  • EC 75 Surface Resistivity: 50 to 200 Ohms/Square
  • EC 50 Surface Resistivity: 500 to 2000 Ohms/Square

CCPROTECH can customize formulations to meet your needs, contact us and let us know your requirements.

We are here to help you get the product that is most suitable for your application.