Paint Strippers

CCProtech’s paint stripper are designed to penetrate into paint films and other finishes and cause swelling and weakening of the layer’s adhesion to the under laying surface. This leads to separation of the paint layer from the substrate.

CCProtech’s paint strippers are available in a liquid formula (flow stripper or dip tank stripper); and a gel formula that is designed to cling well on vertical surfaces. They are available in alkaline, neutral and acid activated solvent based forms.


Gel Strippers

Gel strippers, also known as brush-on or semi-paste strippers, are formulated so that the stripper will cling to vertical surfaces. They require no special equipment or tanks, so they are well suited for use on any small projects, and they are also very popular in the furniture restoration industry.

  • PRV 712 An excellent neutral gel stripper suited for removing paint and lacquer, and many other finishes, safe for use on all surfaces.
  • PRV 750 This extra strength acid activated gel stripper is popular for industrial applications.

Flow Strippers

Flow stripping is the process of pumping and recirculating a low viscosity stripping liquid over a part that is being stripped,

  • PR 720 The most popular flow stripper in the furniture restoration industry. It is a neutral stripper, and safe to use on all surfaces.
  • PR 722 A stronger version of PR 720.

Dip Tank Strippers

  • PR 721 A neutral, solvent based stripper, it is non-flammable, and safe for use on all surfaces.
  • PR 751 An extra strength, formic acid activated dip tank paint stripper suitable for use on most metallic parts.
  • PRA 740 An alkaline hot dip tank stripper, safe for use on steel parts.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements with our knowledgeable staff, and we will recommend the product that is most suitable for you.