Soft Top Paints

CCProtech is the leading North American manufacturer of Camouflage Soft top coatings for Military Vehicles. These coatings meet all the performance and durability requirements of MIL-PRF-30002, and the infrared requirements of MIL-C-46168.

Standard production colours are:

Woodland Colours:

  • Green 383
  • Brown 383
  • Black 37030

Desert Colour

  • Tan 686

Coatings are available in any colour from Fed Std 595, or any custom colour to meet your requirements.

CCprotech has many years experience with the coating equipment and processes and our team is available to assist you in starting up a coating line, or optimizing your existing process.

CCprotech also manufacture Camouflage coatings suitable for buildings, shelters, and Military Vehicles.

Soft Top

Soft Top